Another Space / Annað rými

Is an artbook/multiple by visual artist Eygló Harðardóttir.

Publisher is ́uns plural for one

Published 2018

Another Space is screen printed by the artist at WSW NY, printed in 72 copies, signed and numbered.

The artbook is printed on heavy weight natural white Shiramine paper. The pages are slightly transparent so it’s possible to see through them, with the colors coming through  influencing the generic perception. This creates layers of different colors and shapes, depending on how the viewer approaches the piece. The color of the Shiramine paper also influences and interacts with the ink. Another Space is printed on two pages, and a paper sleeve, printed on both sides. The pages can be rearranged and when combined they amount to eight pages. The pages are slid into a sheath formed book cover.

The colors are standard screen printing ink and handmade ink from silver and fluorescent pigments. Paper: The pages are Shiramine 110gsm and the sleeve is Masa paper 77gsm. Size 21 x 30.5 cm/dimensions variable. Eight pages.

In Eygló ́s artbook Another Space we find a natural bridge between an object of art and printed matter. This is seen in Eygló ́s aim to merge awareness of material, composition and color layers with the possibilities of a changeable book form. It has flexible folding combinations creating various options of bending some of the parts.

Eygló Harðardóttir lives and works in Reykjavík.


“Another space”. Exhibition in Living Art Museum
Works by Eygló‘s gather together in Another Space, like crystals in constant growth, like reactive moments to material that has accumulated in process with the artist. Some works assist in displacing the space they occupy by implying an alternate to it. Others ground it, fasten it and make us aware of it. They weightlessly balance upon colour, content and a trust in found unaltered components. They assemble with a sense of impermanence and build new space.

For Eygló, works happen as an intuitive approach to the material, with no planned or perceived endpoint in sight, but rather a way of marking moments on surfaces. She explores the edges of the material, their structure, potential, discards and employs the opportunity to shift them. It is often more than not that the remnants of a long conversation with the material becomes the work we view in the end. In that process, and here in the exhibition, the material is stretched out, suspended, adjusted and re-arranged.

Eygló Harðardóttir (b. 1964, Reykjavík) works in both two and three-dimensional in the form of abstract paper sculpture, installation and bookwork. Materials such as paper; found, made, or sourced, coloured remains, plastic, wood, graphite and glass are the origin of the idea and the key to exploring the potential of the medium