Ground Motion Recordings    


The artistbook “Ground Motion Recordings” by Lukas Kindermann was presented at Buro BDP in July 2017.
A book launch and an exhibition of Lukas´s related artworks was shown in an installation at BDP locals in Berlin. 

Ground Motion Recordings is an Artist made book,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               568 Pages and size 19,2 cm x 12,5 cm x 2,9 cm. 
It is made in Cooperation with Studio Studio Reykjavík.
Published by uns’ artbooks Reykjavík / Berlin, 2017

Limited Edition of 30 signed and numbered Copies



The 568 Pages of the Artist Book "Ground Motion Recordings" are completely filled with pure seismographic Data Material recorded by the Icelandic Meteorological Office during a volcanic eruption that happened in 2010 underneath an Icelandic glacier. Documenting the movement of the ground over the exact the time span of one hour within that the lava stream broke through the ice shield of the glacier causing an ash cloud that stopped air traffic around the world. Beside the spectacular pictures of the big cloud caused by the eruption shown in the news around the world, this increasing and decreasing row of numbers is in fact the most detailed information that exist on an volcanic eruption, now day. The signed and numbered Edition limited to only 30 copies deals with the idea of a book seen as an object. It's layout refers to classical novels while the content comes from an approach towards conceptual, minimal and land art. Referring to Artists such as Kristjan Gudmundsson, On Kawara or Robert Smithson as well as the early books made by Dieter Roth.