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Katrín Agnes Klar artbook

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Katrín Agnes Klar´s  earlier work. 

Democratic Moment.  

Published by; 2015

Excerpt from "Within a System of Unique Perspectives" by  Agnieszka Roguski.

Repeated images, flowing colors, fixed shots; while Katrín Agnes Klar´s works appear calm, they have a dynamic playfulness that confronts our eye with the power of our own perspective. In this "user format" there are echoes of moments that seem to be universal and fundamental, charged with the scenario of the vast landscape or the constancy of physical principles; this short, immediate moment gives the impression of flashing up in the artist´s imagery, always thwarting an orderliness that seems obvious in manifold ways. There is almost the temptation to establish contrasts in the works: a clash between eternal, universal nature on the one hand and social architecture, industrial technology, and fast moving consumer aesthetics on the other. But in that case, where would the harmony and simple beauty emanating from the images be coming from?

What makes Katrín Agnes Klar´s technique distinctive is rather conveyed through the picture than in the picture. Her approach describes a complex structure made up of opposites whose arrangement reveals a recurrent, methodical game invariably identical frame of reference reverberating around our direct viewpoint.