30.6 - 22.7 2018


An installation by Adam Fearon.

Curated by John Holten  (Broken Dimanche)          

Lignin was a part of ´uns's summer project "Print in media, a space to be walked" in Harbinger gallerí in Reykjavik. 


Lignin is an exhibition of new work that stems from the artist’s long standing interest in the surface as a plane on which representation, identity and intimacy play across. Looking at the surface as both a space and as a material, from screens to paper and, as the word Lignin suggests, the artist here looks at paper specifically and how in the creation of its blank space, a black liquor is extracted from wood pulp: in the formation of images is seepage and runoff, traces and remainders. Lignin representing everything that is removed in order for surfaces to the blank, smooth, self-effacing. The installation is comprised of a number of elements that compliment and interact with each other: screens and meshes, silicon reliefs, paper sculptures, aluminium display structures and interventions directly in the space itself. Printed matter, an artist publication and an essay by the artist are all at the exhibition’s base and centre.

Text by John Holten

Adam Fearon was born in Dublin where he studied Fine Art at National College of Art and Design there. He went on to study at Frankfurt’s Städelschule. He has exhibited widely, including recently at Frankfurter Kunstverein, Kunsthal Svendborg, MiGlisse and BQ Berlin ; Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin and the Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt. He lives and works in Berlin:


Text by Adam Fearon was a part of the installation Lignin


Handout in Harbinger Gallery. With informations and texts      about the show. 


Lignin is supported by Culture Ireland