“Sculpture” is ´uns´s first artbook publication by an artist Eygló Harðardóttir

The book was launched at Büro BDP December 2016. 

Buro BDP, Berlin 2016

Gavin Morrison has writen regarding Eygló´s artwork: “The constructions of Eygló Harðardóttir works could be thought of as models of the suggested spaces derived from abstract paintings. For Eygló there is an attention to the ways in which colour functions and affects the perception of an object. Her choices of material and construction approaches, give the objects a particular immediacy. In a sense the work displays something of the notion of bricolage, that is using materials that are to hand for efficiency of articulation. As such the work can be seen to appear as propositional, as a possible state of existence, rather than an ideal one” 
(Revised excerpt from Gavin Morrison's essay)









A presentation text for the book:
´uns proudly presents “Sculpture”, its very first artbook publication. 
In Eygló´s artworks we find a natural bridge between an object of art and printed matter. This is voiced in her aim to merge material awareness, composition and colour layers with the sensitivity of a changeable book form. The binding is ´loosely´ stitched so the folding ability is flexible. A pattern of perforations is a detail on the pages creating various possibilities in bending and tearing some of the parts.